The ACSAR Foundation was founded in March 2005 to compile and capitalize on the accumulated experience and pioneering work of the ACSAR Association, which since the 70´s has been a crucial actor in the asylum and refugee processes in Catalonia and Spain.

The mission of the ACSAR Foundation is to transform practice and direct service into knowledge and learning, with the objective of furthering reflection and debate about international mobility, diversity, and social cohesion. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the creation of a diverse and pluralistic society, while promoting equal rights of citizenship for all.

The work carried out by the ACSAR Foundation, from its founding until today, has been guided by the principles of: studying the phenomenon of immigration in Catalonia and Spain with reference to the European and international context; promoting societal awareness by holding debates that facilitate gained understanding and mutual respect between different groups; and disseminating information to raise societal awareness about asylum. Additionally, central to our work has been our support of the collective initiatives of neighborhoods and localities working to cultivate social cohesion and cultural exchange, as well as offering courses for local public officials and other professionals to promote proper management of the social realities that result from international migration.

The Mission and Goals of the ACSAR Foundation

In 2012 the ACSAR Foundation began to undertake a series of changes impelled by the multidimensional global crisis that makes it necessary to reaffirm and reinforce our mission to contribute to the formation of a diverse and pluralistic society and to the equality of rights. The development of increasing opportunities for all persons to fulfill their basic needs and to participate in civic life, while simultaneously increasing engagement with the responsibilities necessary for cohesive and vibrant democracy, continues to be our means towards these goals. In the current climate, analysis and thoughtful deliberation of new public policies that favor human mobility and social cohesion become more vital than ever.