Asylum, Refugee Rights, and International Protection

To fully capitalize on the history and work of the Catalan Association for Solidarity and Assistance for Refugees (the ACSAR Association) is at the heart of the ACSAR Foundation. It is central to our mission to deepen understanding of and respect for asylum in our society, not only to improve the situation of the people who solicit our welcome, but also because it is intertwined in the construction of a democratic society. In collaboration with diverse institutions of civil society, higher education, and the public sector, this is integral to the reputation that we want to create for Catalonia.

The ACSAR Foundation focuses its activities in diverse spheres: education, through courses and seminars for professionals, officials, and other entities who have a relation to the subjects we work on; collaboration with universities, with the goal that of improving the coverage of these themes in academia; informational campaigns to raise awareness about asylum and migration in society at large, such as the diverse causes that impel people to seek asylum with a special focus on gender discrimination; advising public institutions about asylum, refugee, and international protection policies; and the creation of reference documents and tools about these themes.