Diverse society

In this section we include all of our work that promotes analysis of all of the social realities that result from processes of migration and that favor the rise of social diversity. We emphasize the local and community levels, but do not overlook the national, European, and global levels. Our main lines of work are:

Cohesion and Social Mobility: We are dedicated to analyzing and fostering discussion of policies for integration and for capabilities development through education, health, work, culture, language, and leisure. Additionally, we work to deepen knowledge of policies that promote social mobility in immigrant populations. The ACSAR Foundation contributes to the analysis of the social realities of migration, with the goal of identifying inequalities and obstacles that arise from an individual´s origin. We also collaborate with public institutions and other partners in the search for strategies that strengthen social cohesion, equality of opportunity, and social mobility, through examination of past initiatives, comparative analyses, and innovation.

Rights and Citizenship: The protection and guarantee of rights of all types- civil, political, economic, social, and cultural- independent of origin for all members of our society is one our lines of work. Special attention is paid to groups who, for reasons caused by migration, may find themselves in vulnerable situations. Furthermore, we study the evolution of legislation and other norms that govern the exercise of rights, while becoming a proactive advocate for these issues before our parliamentary institutions. Similarly, we reinforce this line of work through education and familiarization of our society at large about rights.

Diversity and the Workplace: Work and immigration have been inextricably linked in our country, inasmuch as the search for new work opportunities is the motive we find most frequently behind human migration. As a result, creating a work environment favorable for diversity is one of the key factors in, not only the integration of new citizens, but also the development of our economic systems. Through the ACSAR Foundation, we strive to contribute to the rise of corporate social responsibility which views diversity as an asset to companies, unions, and other economic agents. To this end, we work to improve rights and responsibilities in the workplace, and to increase potential and opportunities for innovation and creativity that this diversity can support, which is especially vital in the current global crisis.

Religious Diversity: The ACSAR Foundation engages in reflective and proactive work on this topic, which has been one of the most heavily emphasized in public debate in our country, and which has been significantly targeted by public policy. The experience and information we have accumulated related to this theme, through focus groups, studies, meetings with experts and stakeholders, and the publication of public reference guides, continues to have an impact by facilitating local policymakers to apply the recommendations necessary to permit religious diversity to flourish, an important avenue for creating a diverse and pluralistic society free of conflict.

Language and Diversity: Language is one of the elements most central to social cohesion in Catalonia, and therefore one of the important factors in the processes of integration. By fortifying Catalan as a language of opportunities and social rights on the one hand, while supporting immigrants´ native languages on the other, we work to create a multilingual social framework that allows migrants´ language skills to enrich our society, making it more dynamic and competitive. The ACSAR Foundation strives to contribute to the study of language, diversity, and migration as a space where societies and social cohesion emerges.

Racism and Xenophobia: Discrimination and segregation on the basis of origin are phenomena that must be eliminated to achieve a truly democratic society and equal citizenship. Our actions focus on eliminating all institutional and societal discrimination, with special focus on those forms of discrimination that act through means of communication. By educating and informing, the ACSAR Foundation contributes to the fight against discrimination which could lead to the failure of integration efforts.