The ACSAR Foundation carries out its work through the development and execution of projects in our diverse focus areas which integrate our programming. Our work falls under the following types of activities:

  • Applied research in collaboration with researchers at universities and other centers of scholarship

  • The organization of courses and educational seminars for public officials, NGO administrators, and other professionals

  • Technical assistance and counsel for government administrators on the planning, development, and evaluation of policies and programs

  • In person and media-based information dissemination campaigns, which include hosting forums for debate and reflection and the publication of reference materials, among other initiatives

  • The creation of tools for public administration, such as geographic information systems, data bases, and other forms of documentation

Guiding Principles

The actions and methodology of the ACSAR Foundation have as a fundamental framework of guiding principles:

  • A Human Rights and Gender Perspective: The ACSAR Foundation´s activity is based on the will to construct, with the participation of society at large, political institutions capable of establishing obligations, public policy, and new forms of democratic processes that empower their subjects, augment respect in social relations, and guarantee human rights, with a particular focus on gender inequalities

  • A Intercultural Perspective: Our activities are marked by the concept of a complex society, where the recognition of diversity and pluralism will inspire all public action. Emphasis is placed on relations and interactions, including the experiences of new citizens, being that these are the elements that enrich human development and pluralistic democracy.

  • Network: The areas in which ACSAR works require multidisciplinary, global responses, which a lone entity cannot carry out. The exchange of information and services between individuals, groups, and institutions, the identification of best practices and models of excellence, and the increase of collaboration between a wide range of entities, public and private, are the necessary guiding principles for work that contributes the strengthening of cultural exchange and mutual enrichment.

  • The Creation of Political and Social Consensus: The construction of a pluralistic and diverse society that integrates citizens with equal rights and opportunities, independent of their origins, is a common objective that requires the maximum possible social and political consensus. This principal guides the actions of the ACSAR Foundation as much methodologically as as a goal in of itself.